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Felidae Insectis

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If you are so fucking disappointed and impatient about the ignorance and the slowmotion development of the human species... you could develop ambitioned thoughts instead. To create an icon for the cosmic destination for example. Make all your mates walk around in alien costumes and ornamented frontal lobes. Obviously to express the superiority of the arachnoid movement. It will result in ressentiments... then conflict... and finally in the long expected escalation.

Suddenly there is the necessity to march. To march on and on. Do you hear the insect's thoughts? They are whispering this to us: "You are invading our thought structure.. an incident gate for danger... and death! Solution Group A: Prevent them from doing that. Solution Group B: Final adeption! March into glory or death!. Return with your shield or above it!! Return victoriously, or spread the message of the initiative's resolution as cosmic dust!!! "

A whispering: "march on..." Feel your forepaws toddeling your catmother's breast alternately. The socalled milk-kick. The milky way. The movement got to move on.

Noctis Aeterna

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