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way of SparkWave - an image of god

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What is it, our young ambitioned offspring satanist got to do? For example scan polythestic systems to break the rule not to have only one god. After it got familier in your cosmic and spiritual reference systems you can walk one step further. Take your camecorder or your 10 megapixel camera and make a nice photo of god...

"So you sweet angeldust, and now the 3/4-profile! show me your 10-billion-souls-smile! Say Hallelujaaaaaaaaa...."

But what criteria does a godlike species really to fulfill?

Immortality? Omniscience? Omnipotence? and after a short reflection:

for every halfway developed species death is only a rare and unlucky accident ... and omniscience is to be considered as relatively as omnipotence. And if an allmighty lifeform really exists we only continue to exist, because we are part of it and it's memory database. An aspect of it's omniscience. What further aspects should match a godlike species ?

  • fight addiction, support the pleasure
  • nutrition just through autonom and perfect quanta synchronicity?
  • absolut resistent against any thread?
  • control matter and energy from iniciation to result?
  • travel through d and t?

rules between godlike species... ( ;

  • permanent tachyon-scan to avoid tactical time travel
  • not to create or support parasitic universes
  • don't assimilate or destroy underdeveloped planets...


2018  SparkWave