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memory of ta-239690436chvng-sw

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Damaged and bleeding I was at the ground and the collective thoughts acceleration implantat almost glowed in my lobes and staccatos of pain waves hammered through my head. The planets surface was almost overan while the few devisions of Sparks made progress in loosing their reactin armor. One last time I viewed the hologram of the beloved one and the disappointment given by her which drove me in this battle... the last retreat of the once so mighty Q'ualach Syndicate was their point of no return. Our remaining ground and airunits were not able to fade the epic energy discharges in the orbit of the SW-234047 fighting the numerous Syndicate's battlecruisers. The order was so clear: "Attack and don't wait for reinforcements! A billion lives must be saved..." the final signal was given... I heard a silent voice growing louder and carve up my mind "... spastic ... spastic ... spastic" Our bodys and machines started to twitch uncontrolled like those of the enemies... the SW-234047 almost fill out the whole sky, and came nearer and nearer in order to ram the planet. It's hyperdrive blockades still stopped the enemy batlle cruisers from escaping and in a few minutes the planet and all surrounding starships would be erased with the explosion of the SW-234047. With my dying twiching eyes I saw our ship coated with sparks of fire hitting the surface a few units of length away. The last memory of the beloved was erased with everything else in a wave of fire. And the war was won.

memory of ta-234345436cvvbvc-sw

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Life is more hard than death... you got to deserve it to exchange your reactin armor against a parade polyform


a single spark of passion can change a man forever

a single spark of fire can inflame a planet

a single tear of compassion can clear it - now or never

the doom of the doom, we love it and plan it...



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